Jeff Will graduated from Suny Purchase College, majoring in drama. He has studied with Heidi Marshall, long time broadway Casting Director, Film & Theater Director and Acting Coach. He has also studied with Ela Their of the New York Women in Film & TV group/founder of the Independent Film School.

Growing up in the Bronx, Jeff fell in love with creating very young and found a way to fuse his love of hip hop music with his passion for all of the arts. At 8 years old Jeff was awarded a scholarship and studied at The New Ballet School, associate school of the Feld Ballets/NY. He was very enthusiastic about poetry and this led him to pursue his passion in hip hop from a young age as well. In 2015, Jeff released his original debut EP, “The Power of Will.”

Growing up in the 'concrete jungle' of NYC, Jeff is ambitious and full of drive. Moved by the city, it's bright lights, opportunity, and it’s excitement, he is looking forward to being in the next big project that this city has to offer... or let's say the entire world for that matter!